Green Hotel


Peace resort samui is 122 rooms beach bungalow resort in Bophut Beach Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.

All accommodations suitable of all ages, with special design allows abundant space and privacy to blend harmoniously with nature, sublime, serene Peaceful, Around nature abounds in a botanical haven wreathed with birdsong and filled with wild fruit, herb gardens and local species of trees. The accommodations at Peace resort are designed as contemporary Thai with Modern. Included conference facilities, swimming pool gym facilities , full service laundry and food and beverage .

Peace Resort was first established in 1977 by Pupaiboon family who full fill the sustainability concepts of an eco-friendly resort.

The green issue is now very much mainstream , with government , business and individuals all involved.

Peace Resort is committed to preserving the environment in which it operates and has developed a sustainable environment commitment policy

We aim to apply its sustainable environment concepts in the areas of hotel design and operations . in our koh samui beach accommodation we focus on energy efficiency, water management , social commitment , protecting the natural surroundings, air quality and noise control.

Our main principles:
  • Community – we aim to help and support the local community through our own environmental initiatives and support of federal and local municipality organized environmental campaigns.
  • Education – We are committed to the training and education of our employees and to making them aware of the environmental issues and their role in this program me.
  • Partnerships – we are committed to working with Government agencies and departments , local business associations and our suppliers to help us achieve our goals.
  • Product – we must be conscientious about the selection of materials and products used in our resort. Materials must be eco-friendly, such as bio-degradable and non harmful to environment.

Nothing which emits harmful CFCS or is toxic to nature if permissible.

All of our team at Peace Resort adhere to the following,
  1. All rubbish is separated, plastic, glass bottles and used paper are separated for sale. Money from re-used or recycled items is kept aside and donated to social environmental projects.
  2. Natural waste such as dried leaves and fruit skins are re used as fertilizer
  3. A safe energy plan is in the place and regular training takes place.
  4. Energy saving light bulbs are used in the resort and staff lodgings.
  5. Light are on a timer in less busy areas
  6. Herbs and plants used in the kitchen are grown in the hotels gardens
  7. The use of alternative material such as linen made bags rather than a plastic bag in encouraged.
  8. We use EM technology which safety and cleanly converts organic waste products into fertilizer or even cleaning products that can be re used.
  9. Our Beach is cleaned every day to make sure it is free from rubbish

We also have A Little Green Activity,
Is one of our resort’s environmental projects that we would like to invite guest to be part of planting trees to keep koh Samui greener. Guest can contact front office and our staff will coordinate with department concern to prepare the tree and equipment. Planting trees such as Rak Talay, Leelavadee and , growing awareness,